Every person, people, nation, marriage, ministry, occupation, organization, business, and other things can benefit from having individuals who are capable of submitting to learning more while they are already highly tutored, prepared, presented, educated, mentored, and well-versed in matters of necessary human virtues, core values and principles, processes, ethics, courtesies, etiquette, relationship, leadership as well as in people, structures and systems management, and competently on the process implementation of these in their life and those of other people.

And to get real, evidence-based, profitable and tangible outcomes from such people and things, every one needs divine wisdom and understanding in their right mindsets, knowledge and perspectives, as well as in their appropriate applications and feasibilities to generate earthly wisdom, and also to oppose, resist and cast down demonic wisdom.

In all, there are three main forms of wisdom which I term the “HED Wisdom” at play in the affairs of men, namely; 

1. Heavenly Wisdom, 

2. Earthly Wisdom and 

3. Demonic Wisdom. 

And these have their similarities and differenceswin characters, functions and attributes, and so on.

With insight, information and by knowledge,  we understand that from the Scriptures that heavenly and earthly wisdom in its righteousness “builds a house, understanding establishes it, knowledge fills the chambers with all precious and delicious things,” says Proverbs 24:3–4. But, demonic wisdom in the wicked and ungodly employs the systems, tactics and strategies of demonic deception; a form of witchcrafty, necromancy and sorcery, envy, lies, robbery, hatred, pretension, and the like.

Therefore, whenever a Christian wants to live a life free of struggle, and full of grace, favor, fruitfulness, prosperity, and of peace of mind, successes, joy, safety, gladness, prosperity, happiness,  establishments, as well as one which is victorious over enemies, challenges, issues, troubles, situations, foes, and adversaries even in their 3Ms of Ministry,  Marriage and Money affairs, then they must clearly, rightly and honestly seek the correct understanding and its application of God’s wisdom and power, on and about the subjects, matters and affairs of men, and through the help and counsel of the Holy Ghost. 

This kind is a typical example of a Heavenly Wisdom. But, to ensure that the instructions for gaining tthe Heavenly bblessings as stated in 2 Corinthians 9:8, Deuteronomy 8:18, and Proverbs 22:17 are appropriately, obediently and qualitatively followed and received, the work, iinitiatives and energies of the redeemed person and his household, and business and other concerns must be graciously and purposefully situated, focused, motivated and galvanised into the right frameworks of spiritual and earthly objectives, goals and action plans.

And bear this in mind, that in our various callings, capacities, offerings, endeavors, and relationships, many people rationally look up to the beauty, activity and result outcomes of each day to be positive and a blessing when they wake up from bed.

The truth is this –  dedicated, educated, mentored, hardworking, blessed, discipline and serious people commit to their tasks, assignments, responsibilities, duties, scope of work, tangents of thoughs, aspirational targets, and other ambitions by also meditating through their quiet times, through their planning, revelations, and praying; most often strategizing and resolving on the plans. 

This is absolute, sensible and crucial, given the fact that some level of uncertainties daily surround each day’s presentation, gifts, offerings and blessings if certain things, decisions, sacrifices, practices, personalities and behaviours, acts and work, and so in.

And despite, the strength of character, prayer and intentional and positive prospects, growth and management of one’s emotions, integrity, attitude, intelligence, ambition, business, finances, family, marriage, ministry, occupations, backgrounds, heritages, estates, entitlements, and even their received prophecies, graces and anointings, there are often organised and orchestrated attacks and confrontations against their values, principles, blessings, benefits, businesses, careers, professions, prosperity, purpose, assignments, family and wellbeing. 

But with their own hands, minds and will, many people can and do work against themselves and their household and family. I discovered that with what the bible calls “the Rod of Pride”, even the most prudent, learned, astute and  kind person can destroy through many avenues such as demonic wisdom and its decisions, deceptions and aspirations and hope, what he or she has graciously built-up through grace in their purpose, destiny, prosperity, peace, marriage, family, ministry, business, joy  and others as enshrined in their destinies and lives (Prov 14 vs 1-3).

The basic truth is that there is no end to wisdom and understanding, therefore even if you are wealthy, powerful and wise, continue to grow in wisdom and understanding by grace, obedience and by knowledge (Prov 8, Psalm 147 vs 5). So, take note, be careful and learn more by wisdom and understanding.  Pray! ……..to be cont’d.

– Charles Kwamena Ackon


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