Who could comprehend why a bright student in school would suddenly give in to absenteeism, unseriousness, stubbornness, and even psychosis, among other inappropriate behaviors and attitudes? Many people do become victims of other people, certain forces, spirits and agents who influence, assist, and incite bad behavior, deceit, evil and selfish actions. What about the young and inexperienced bride who had a failed marriage as a result of her mother’s ill manipulations because she had committed sins in her long-ago estranged marriage in a distant country and feared the truth would expose her fraudulent moral integrity?

Who can accurately define the causes of such matters without understanding? To succeed against such odds and evils in life, one can pursue a variety of prayers, paths and strategies. But you must constantly keep in mind that to obtain these in order to live an exceptional life, there are certain things which are necessary for attention  and actions: Receive God (the Holy Spirit) into your heart and create and develop a positive attitude, skill, and knowledge. And you must do them and also pay attention to the following advice:

1. Consider your background and story, and be wise and alert in wisdom and in the spirit.

2. Each day, read the Bible and pray ans confess positively and scripturally.

3. Grow intentionally and systematically such that you can learn deeply.

4. Develop strong relationships, connections and friendships, among others. 

5. Show people respect, kindness, love and courtesies.

6. Invest resources into your future, quality purchases, assets and other areas such as knowledge, health and wellbeing 

7. Deal with your adversaries, enemies, haters, avengers to subdue them, and so forth.

I have said before that everyone needs to employ and put into practice their 3-Tier Approach to a great life, which consists of their will, their strategies, and their understanding, in order to secure good possibilities in their life’s ambitions, businesses and care. Additionally, the Love of God must be put to use and applied to prayer, faith, power, wisdom and strength, understanding and grace, among others.

There are people who are wicked at heart and cunningly and craftily seek people of great destinies to destroy their virtues, values and victories within the love, light and life. I discovered that dealing with such agents and people with witchcrafty spirits are not as challenging as I had thought, especially when you have blessed insights, spiritual eyesight, prophetic graces, discernment and all spiritual prowess and powers. 

Extensive revelations about their evils of the terrible and wicked people revolve also around their lust for other’s glory. Once, you know their Strategies, Will-power, Insights, Approach through the wisdom and knowledge of Jehovah God Almighty, you can shut up their hearts, minds and souls in order to expose them.

And when you expose them, you make them weaker in their graces. And once the anointed children of God, and the Men and Prophets of God learn to know the secrets of dealing with them, and casting down the activities, spells and works of witchcraft, sorcery, and divination systems, you can, by authority and power of the superior name and blood of Jesus Christ, defeat, rout, and crush them too by upholding the judgments of God that have been declared against them. 

Then, by God’s grace, you must apply the blood, the Word of our Testimonies, and the Word of Truth to just use (Rev 5 vs 9). Despite their stubbornness, keep in mind that they beg and run and hide. What do you do when you find out that you were a victim of wickedness, hostility, pretense, evil machinations and manipulations, and the like, when you are even at a very good old age and stage of life? I understand that one can be truly blessed and yet suffer many things, like the man who unknowingly ate a drugged meal from his stepmom for years. 

I continue to gain understanding from my experience and exposure to deep, sometimes unpleasant childhood events, stories and encounters in my and some other family backgrounds and happenings, upbringing, and through the advantages of Godly relationships and prophetic revelations over 30 years. And as we continue to read on, please hear the details of the storylins.

In all context, if you have a form of grace that produces an anointing that causes resources to come to fruition in one’s life, then you are “One of a Kind” in God’s creation. And mandate speaks for you, your family, and your community and for others, then you are blessed, indeed. In my understanding of matters and happenings, I have come to the clear conclusion that, if one gains progress with good attitude coupled with his/her mission, vision,  knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, graces and behaviours, and even in the face of confrontations through unhappy situations and wickedness or by evils and witchcraft-related actions, such sufferings never last forever, regardless of who causes them—a person, an object, or a group of people. 

But, the best thing you can do is to ask God and Man for deliverance, assistance, mercy, wisdom and strength in your prayers and in your interactions, relationships and fellowships. You can also ask God to remove the circumstances or grant you the faith, wisdom, and strength to endure and overcome these problems to your advantage and benefits. But remember this – both scenarios and strategies can bring you the delight of God’s Success, Salvation, and Sovereignty, dependingon your Approach Attitude and Actions/Reactions. 

In my secondary school days, I learned that a ship can support any load or weight measured upon it and still not sink for a reason. However, it will sink as soon as the substance it is intended to be carrying begin to permeate it and overload it. Morale here is this – Anything that makes you unhappy can sick your peace and joy.

That is the best way to deal with, endure and overcome certain and particular situations and people who cause pain, poverty and troubles. And, because whatever that is thrown at you has the potential to be a tool snd platform for one’s grace, empowerment, promotion, greatness, leadership, and self-development, you must always look at things and matters with the mind of Christ and with positivity.

And when faced with a situation that makes you uncomfortable and miserable, Christians should always think back to Philippians 4:6-7 and remember that other people have gone through similar situations to survive and triumphed. Infact, you sometimes must go through these situations if your life will be improved for both you and others. It is a provisional plan of the grace of God for enthronement especially when you must sit on the seat of prosperity, glory and humility. 

And through the process, it is normal for you to be dissatisfied, but what the unhappyness motivates you to accomplish will be what is evaluated and ranked just as Scripture teaches us in Ezekiel 12:21-23 KJV: “And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, what is that proverb that ye have in the land of Israel, saying, The days are prolonged, and every vision faileth?Tell them therefore, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will make this proverb to cease, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel; but say unto them, The days are at hand, and the effect of every vision”

As an illustration, David grieved the loss of his family but persisted and eventually made a full recovery. So, are the stories of many people living or dead. Therefore, resist letting your situation limit you, no matter how bad or terrible. Some seasons, happenings, experiences and stories in our lives can last longer than others, but each one eventually ends. Every season and its activities have their own time as the Scriptures say in Ecclesiastes.

I learned years aho that when a pastor enters a home and eat in that home, it is a sign that he finds the place acceptable and blessed, and that the residents and/or host are receptive to the grace of God upon him or her. Remember this, although Jesus’ love was so divine and everlasting, it was unable to stop Job’s deterioration in death when they called upon him to pray. 

It took the Presence of Jesus to the land before it was revealed to them when he could heal and restore the dead virtues of the body and life of man. Every moment and on every level, we experience God In different ways and means. For instance,  Moses’ life was impacted by God in a way that David’s wasn’t. They therefore had EXPERIENTIAL knowledge and understanding of God. 

In this life,  your experiential knowledge, in addition to your spiritual power, is what makes your message attractive to your audience. To go up to the next LEVEL, RANK, or DIMENSION in the realm of one’s life, you must have EXPERIENCE and RHEMA by God’s grace. Therefore, rely on God’s strength and grace, as well as the insight of the Holy Spirit and others, to protect your inner man, family, marriage, ministry, occupations, anointings, funds, agreements, practices, blessings, favor, power, wisdom, and the like..

Who can you turn to when you have tried everything to fulfill your heart’s wishes and the prophecies God has given you, yet nothing seems to be happening? You must pray, is the straightforward response. Additionally, you must fast after praying. You must also put your faith in God during the fasting. Within patience, endurance and time, God will work for your good, your victory, and His glory by what I call  “for just but one good morning”. 

Sometimes, you are even unable to predict and/or comprehend your own acts and inactions as well as the circumstances that they present. The manifestation of God’s protection and sustenance will appear, nevertheless, when and if He is with you. The phrase “GOD IS WITH ME” serves as a bridge connecting the Source and the Effects. You may occasionally feel that there is more to accomplish than what is actually happening. Always available are The Vision, The Mentorship, and The Support Systems. So many other systems are included in the support system, including: 

1. The Tenets of the Value of a Man, 

2. The Environment, and 

3. The Facilitators.

It is possible to realize that something is wrong with your inner being if you were born to be great or to excel but are experiencing frustration and pain. You may desire to take even odd opportunity that are sometimes against your best interests. Perhaps, you seek to try by all means? I understand when you do not want to waste time, and yet you do not time is running fast against you. You will want the outcome and results to appear so fast. 

Nonetheless, you must perform the following, at this time, if you must see tangibilities and progression:

1. Recognize God’s unfailing grace and work with it.

2. Welcome God’s peace into your heart and allow His Presence to overcome your heart, mind and soul by the Holy Spirit.

3. Release the negative emotions—fear, sadness, guilt, and anger—from your heart and be sobered by righteousness and godliness.

You will then—and only then—experience the heart-filling good virtues of patience, wisdom, blessings, favour, power, abilities, skills, knowledge, strength, peace, joy, and love. Interestingly, even more of the good things that you did not specifically seek for will find you over time via the grace and favor of God. So, my friend, keep going no matter the issues of life, confident that God is with you. Maintain your prayerful zeal in the hopes that God will answer through Jesus Christ as you pray and apply power, focus, wisdom and understanding. 

Therefore, when you are in uncharted territory, work hard, make new, good-to-great friends and businesses, alliances among others, but always hope in God and stay on the paths of righteousness under God’s leadership and direction. Be assured that HE will surely bring it to pass what HE has said no matter what you are seeing after you have done all you can to STAND. Only Christ has traveled the route you are on. Do not set a timeframe for God’s presence, power and performance. Even against time and seasons, by His divine grace and favour, He will definitely and genuinely make it happen for many people.

I have benefited much from the many words of wisdom and counsel that God brought my way through both famous and common people. I have learned a lot from the such individuals whose suggestions I value much some of which I have included below. With God’s blessing, I pray that it will assist you in following the life path Jehovah God has given you, as well as the goals, responsibilities, and ambitions He has given you and your family. I constantly strive to persuade myself that I have given it my best.

“What you hold in your hands is a gift from God; therefore, you should bring it higher to God by prayer, hard work, and self-control so that the devil cannot take it from you” and “Good and bad individuals (and spirits) are drawn to God’s favor, and you need discernment to recognize and distinguish between the two”.

I learned that God is with us, which also means you are called to participate and serve in HIM so you will greatly feel Him, my dear friend and coworker in the LORD. Because of God’s favor on my life and our frequent communication, I am aware of this. As a result, I want you to know that the Pruning and The Growth Stage are Part of the Ministry, which will give you hope in the face of the challenges that have been bothering your mind. As you pray in the name of Jesus, take kindly to the following:

1. Gen 5 vs 24. Keep growing in your relationship with God and striving for excellence to achieve excellence.

2. Gain the capacity to perceive people (and their spirits) outside of the confines of the physical human body. Ask the LORD God Almighty to fill you and your family with more of His Spirit of Discernment and Spiritual Eyesight through your prayers.

3. Keep and develop your integrity with God and with people. Increase your willingness to obey God by being more receptive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. You have this.

4. Do some background research on aligned individuals and learn about their background, issues and matters of their upbringing, who and what influences them, and lastly what causes envy in their character.

5. Remain open and honest, but be mindful of your demeanor, especially in public. Early on in your farm, remove the weed.

6. Make an effort to lead an honest life in our marriage, family, ministry, place of employment, and associations. It pays in many beautiful colors.

7. If you stick to the principles of excellence, growth, and quality, you will eventually be justified. Ignore if required, but when essential, deal with it wisely while praying for it.

8. Intercede for anyone who causes misunderstandings between people. God detests such things. Additionally, ask God’s mercy and grace to never fail you.

9. When instructed to do so, release any companions who are currently unable to accompany you to your destination. You must continue to lead and build for the LORD and humanity as you incorporate the Process and Structure into your work.

10. God will protect you and your family from evil people, demons, and even Satan, regardless of what happens in the name of Jesus if you are heading in the right direction. So, in the name of Jesus, be SUPPLICATIVE AND SPARKLING in all your ways and means…. To be cont’d.

– Charles Kwamena Ackon


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