The parallels and distinctions between the terms “creativity,” “innovation,” and “audacity” are quite obvious, strategic and undeniable if one is keen on achieving progressive growth and development. And additionally, one has experienced the sufferings of such Delay-Based Strategy and fathomed its realms and understanding into matters of wickedness, witchcraft-related actions and evils.

But, the inquirer or undertaker or the one seeking the progress, the glory and honour of perseverance and commitment to victory over these negative forces must learn fast and hard to be in the Spirit, Letter and Body of the Constitution of the law of the Spirit, and of its rules and regulations as well as be in line with its maturity and growth of character, grace and of its virtue-filled aspirations of creativity, innovation and audacity of life’s ambitions, businesses and cares within one’s ministry, marriage and money-making activities and their affairs.

And, while one of their similarities is that they are all inspired by spiritual forces and their anointings, and arise from the heart, mind, and soul of people, nations and things, the inspired hope and its innovation basically aims to construct new ideas and things using outstanding mindsets ideally pruned and refined for audacity, greatness, and craftsmanship.

I now greatly understand that people of great entrepreneurship and business characters and graces, in particular, wisely take care of themselves, their families, and their cultural legacies through such frameworks, strategies and development patterns of divine ideas, intentions, knowledge, wisdom, blessings, favour, power, abilities, prophecies, mission, visions, insights, dreams, spiritual authority and eyesight, among others. 

One must be deliberate and astute in personal, professional and family practices to generate certain dynamics which facilitate growth and advancement. And just to recap the need for continual upgrade of inner strength and authority to subdue matters of interest in different realms of life, please allow me to make a reference here. 

In an MBA module on entrepreneurship and innovation, I discovered that there are two types of innovation: 

1. Destructive innovation

2. Creative Innovation 

Furthermore, both types can produce an idea that may be or is current, relevant, desirable, attractive, and beneficial. However, the main cause and benefit of any such concept must be focused on how it addresses issues affecting one’s mindset, interests, family, consumers, concerns, ambitions, environment, and community, among others.

And, because people can adopt a variety of mindsets and approaches in response to their self-inspired motivations, hope, aspirations, and incentives that are based on people’s energy,  blessings, knowledge, and/or inspiration, it is crucial to identify, know, observe and understand the due process, mandate, timelines and the necessary steps involved in realising and applying the information, etiquettes and revelation that results from one’s thinking, creating, acting and developing attributes, graces and anointings, even through their change management and reorientation. 

But, first and foremost, you need to know how to handle, within allocated time and space, the statutes, covenants, offerings, instructions, agreements, practices, responsibilities, duties, and scopes within one’s developed systems, structures, and processes of governance, enthronement and rulership in order to transition from negative deeds, and wrong intentions and desires to good ones that are grounded, situated and built on very sound mind, spirit and character through God’s divine grace and favor, for example.

But, how can one achieve this fate of greatness of life’s sovereignty, security, and success, without having fullness of understanding, in addition to other things such as the support of her two divinely bonded sisters – knowledge and wisdom? 

Ultimately, one must also combine these pillars for tangible, relevant and notable accomplishments with the graces, forms, spirits, natures, anointings, characters, personalities, behaviors, deeds, words, works, and worship that can be made available through the mediation of divine provisions and availability of same in the spiritual realms. But, how can you be significant, without compassion, pardon,  deliverance and mercy of God?

And, so often, I remember to quote the words of my board chairman, Dr Tackie; “in this negativity, forces are at work. And, against such powers, I keep my attention and pray frequently. Sadly, few people do so”, when I talk on such subjects on the wickedness and evil of the seemingly simple, good and kind. One must learn to master the science of hearing what is not said even within what is said, my wife often advocates and advises.

Remember, that Spiritual forces, and their spirits and authorities, powers  and graces must also be engaged in the right perspectives and functions if one seeks to do well in his/her mainstays, positions, professions, prosperity and aspirations. Nonetheless, there are contrary forces that fight and work to delay the actions and results of certain people especially the blessed person.

Though and most often, some people question the power, energies and strength of objects, matters, subjects, and people to cause DELAYS in their own lives, and in other people’s lives, this is proven to be more than real in areas and in people who are possessed,  tormented and even afflicted with problems, challenges and complex issues.  

I sought answers. That is when I found out that, if allowed into the chambers of one’s soul and spirit and then granted full access to its realms of anointing,  the acquired, possessed and owned negative deeds, forces, beings and spirits can influence anything or anyone around you to work against your well set goals, objectives, mission, vision, plans, tactics, strategies, and other concerns of tribe, language, people and nations. 

The Scriptures say in Proverbs 13:12, ESV: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life”. This is so true and evidence-based information. Do not be deceived, Delays, through demonic orchestrations work, spell and act to prevent smooth, sound and progressive development. They can instigate things and people to cut off opportunities, deals, progress, and even cause harm and sufferings, and eventually change or distort organizational structures and operating procedures which may be required for people’s successful management of goals, objectives, businesses,  careers,  professions, prosperity, and even of their leadership protocols on their systems implementation. 

Interestingly, in their systematic and co-ordinated methodologies and  program of activities, any form of delay work to create processes which restart long-term or pong developed prospects, growth and advancement in mostly cyclical manners. 

And, when this scenario happens to some tribes, people, families, organisations and nations among others, the wickedness and evil inherent in the personality of delay itself attempts and seeks to waste hard-earned relationship, marriages, capabilities, platforms, characters and stages established between time and chance, in order to halt, stop and/or abort further collaborations, support and cooperation for carefully planned and prayed-through courses, objectives, strategies, and routines of assignments, purposes and destinies of people and nations. 

Anything similar to, resembling and/or actualliy has the form and abilities of Delay is demonic, crafty and wicked, and has ungodly dimensions and anointings about its realms and episodes. They do always profess a retrogressive character and feature upon people with greatness, audacity and innovation. 

This is why against the righteous, powerful, loyal, honest, truthful, sincere, prayerful, committed, hardworking and obedient persons and people, the evil and wickedness of the Spirit of Delay often seeks knowledge, goodness, and uses their tactics, plans, strategies and organisations to attempt to destroy the faithful, just and smooth courses of lives, peoples, families, relationships, institutions and nations.

Therefore, to progress seamlessly in one’s faith, hope and love affairs and storyline, many tangibles, virtues, values, principles and assets will be needed for one’s uplifting, enthronement and establishments. Nevertheless, you must combine these kinds with the supernatural as you daily say a word of prayer to stop potential delays, and their various forms, in your life’s ambitions, businesses, and cares within one’s ministry, marriage, and finances even as you strategize against the works, effects and actions of delay……to be cont’d. Pray!

– Charles Kwamena Ackon


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