The human heart, mind and soul are also the venue for God’s presence in the chambers of the auditorium of God. Are you present in God’s auditorium? In addition, did you arrive appropriately dressed and equipped for the celebration of life, love, and lights before the throne of Grace (Heb. 4:16)? Many people have graciously, wisely and victoriously entered the auditorium where the King of kings and Lord of lords sits on His Throne of Grace. 

Through these divine encounters with God’s presence, many people have found mercy and grace for a variety of requirements. Many individuals have enjoyed the companionship of followers of goodness and mercy through this invitation to this auditorium, and by the acceptance of the offer of relationships, and gladly welcome the blessings, grace and fulfillment of the attendance’s requirements (Ps 23 vs 6) for fellowship with the Creator God – Jehovah. 

Nonetheless, every invitee must get into the auditorium by its main gate, through  the application of the power of Christ to access its doors. There are several doors, though, especially in the chambers of a large building, including its main doors, side doors, restroom doors, kitchen doors, living room doors, and more. 

Which of these doors would be the most secure or well-armed for safety and peaceful rest within the chambers of the building? So, it is with the spirituality of human existence on earth. Certain doors of human existence stand readily opened for entry for the souls’ presence and heart-felt expression in God’s kingdom.

 And, some of these doors are divinely, prayerfully and extraordinarily constructed in the spirit, and then reinforced by grace with the life, love, and light of God. And with these, through God’s grace, and by the process of time and chance that renews the mind, heart and souls of men (Psalm 23 vs 3), transformations occur in the auditorium.

What is this place and auditorium where God’s presence is felt? It is simply the setting and stage where souls are given eternal life and then transformed. I learned that there are seats, platforms, and stages of glory in their various heavenly places for souls, angels, and even hosts of heaven (the hosts of heaven) in the realms of the Spirit and in the auditorium of God’s Presence as they encounter the mysteries of divinity in order to additionally enjoy the fullness of the Glory of the Earth (Isa 6 vs 3). 

But, in some cases, souls are tempted to grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph 4 vs 30). The redeemed and enlightened souls must, however renew grace daily, repent and pray, as they worship Jehovah God, their Creator, in this special and divine auditorium because (Psalm 86:10) He alone is the source of all graces, forms, spirits, and living things.

And in this auditorium, there are many magnificent displays of the splendid and fullness of joys situated on God’s Will, by which we are also adopted in Jesus Christ as God’s sons, within our presence and Supernatural experiences in this auditorium (Eph 1 vs 5). 

I learnt that a person who lives in obedience, and in accordance with the LORD’s commands and walks in the paths of righteousness of  God’s will be filled with contentment and peace. Losses may occur and do occur though but te redeemed of the Lord always prevails. And even the seemingly hopeless events, situations, and stories are simply and eventually a delightful story of gain and vindication by the grace of God (1 Tim 6 vs 6).

And, in all of one’s getting, demand and involvement, it must be noted, observed and practised that in close connection and agreement with the divine blessings of godliness and truth, divinity always acts and ensures that godly personalities with  spirit-filled natures, anointings, attitudes, skills, knowledge, wisdom, manifestations, and so forth have an impact on the heart, mind and soul of the justified, anointed and covenanted people who are qualified by grace to participate in divine glory of the city of God called Zion.

And, with spiritual allocation of divine grace and favour, even the exceptional grant of divine encounters, many people who are called into this privileged and graceful auditorium of God’s Presence, must be pruned, prepared and anointed as they are appropriately dressed in the spirit and in character. 

And, as they are well educated, mentored, and made knowledgeable, spirit-filled, sensitive, Scripturally aware and alert, and by wisdom and understanding, as they rightly occupy and position themselves well on their prophetic seat around the Lord’s table, they are blessed in the auditorium of God’s Presence. 

Such people can and do  indeed, attract and experience any or all of these:

1. They are changed in their heart, mind and soul to the standards and values of the righteousness of God as inspired and built into their souls. They become godly people (Gal 4 vs 8)

2. According to 1 Timothy 3:16, they receive a great revelation of the mysteries of godliness, divinity and humanity 

3. They are made aware of and often enjoy God’s goodness and mercy (Exo 33:19).

4. They are reinforced and fortified in their principles, desires, conviction, work, initiatives, beliefs, attitude, wisdom, occupations, anointings, attitudes, blessings and even commitment to adhere to God’s grace in which they are selected by grace to abide in (Rom 5 vs 2, Psalm 27 vs 11).

5. Within the boundaries of their divinely assigned ministry, marriage, and financial affairs,  activities and storyline, they do tangibly experience the All-Sufficiency Grace of God in their goals, businesses, and concerns of life’s sovereignt, success and security (2 Cor 9 vs 8)….to be cont’d. Pray!

– Charles Kwamena Ackon


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