Spirituality is a reality, as a friend of mine often says. And, I believe it too because I have tangibly experienced her power, by grace, with evidence-based information, knowledge, direction and testimonies. 

But Spirituality without its right direction, instructions, structures, anointing, dimensions, levels of service and calling, wisdom, blessings, grace, strength, morality, integrity, intelligence and uprightness cum their human rights and soundness of thought, mind and spirit may not avail divine order, unity, and cohesion of people’s faith, character, understanding and grace in practical and interactive living.

Nonetheless, if you seek to be significant, powerful, impactful, glorious, relevant, and tangibly expressive to human beings and their things, then there are certain characters, values, virtues, and tenets to consider, to possess and/or to act on their instructions, beliefs, and actions. 

And, indeed there are certain keys to spiritually and socially accepted standards for successful living of people’s lives, families, relationships, marriage, ministry, occupations, finance, education, nations as well as their organizational restructuring and human resource restructuring. These keys for displaying, among others, good behaviour, ethics, etiquettes, and ultimately the much-needed good success for sound social services and progression consist of the following:

1. Understand your goal, objectives and plans as embedded in your spirit, destiny and purpose.

2. Fine-tune and equip your Mentality, Sensitivity and Attitude 

3. Keep Learning, developing your experience, relationships, knowledge and wisdom

4. Build astute personal, family and business concepts, skills and framework of friendships and associations. 

5. Grow your Management skills, resourcefulness, ministry, occupations, family, and household, 

6. Be prudent, generational and gracious when taking decisions, chances and risks. 

7. Work hard, and be dedicated and careful, paying attention to words, and their details and specifications, and so on.

And, remember to keep in mind that praying all the time, alone and in itself, does not empower everyone aspiring to greatness but without clearly defined and stated goals, plans, tactics, direction, mentorship portfolio, principles, obedience, leadership, management, submission and contributions to achieve his or her ambitions.

Always keep in mind that you will require the other qualities of grace, kindness, and favor of God and Man if you want to progress toward greatness and excellence. I learned that God also be excited about human effort and bravery to a certain degree. And there are times in life when, according to Psalm 140, if you turn away from one’s wickedness and “face a wall” to beg for God’s help, he will deliver you and yours. 

So ask yourself this question: Why should you perish from God’s Grace for you in your ambitions, businesses and cares of life without hard work, prayer and their similar attributes of grace, if it will result in your enthronement, stability, and expansion? And, remember that if you are in such a state as follows in any given time in your world, someone too has been, will be ans/or could be similarly perplexed, in pain, or even in mourning at the same time. 

So instead of being afraid when you are in difficulties, pray to God for help (2 Kings 20:1-4). And never forget the abilities, prophecies, and anointings He has given you, including your faith, wisdom, and strength in your work, business, and finances. Pray!……to be cont’d.

– Charles Kwamena Ackon


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