Most people look up to the beauty and activity of their days through divine and human perspectives when they awake.

Some do not care about this wisdom. But, the divine and human wisdom depicts that given the uncertainties surrounding certain offerings as does occur in a day, it is prudent and gracious to commit to stated personal, family and business obligations, responsibilities, scope, tangents, and other goals for one’s life’s ambitions, businesses and cares.

And within their ministries, marriage and money-making activities by the accrued  promises, prophecies, provisions, protection, preservation and reassurances of the person called God, who has through the favour, dictates and opportunities of salvation, by the redemptive power of God’s grace, in the heart of man, blessings of the heavens and the earth, and in the ingredients, seeds and fruits of the land of one’s habitation, from the beginning to the end of each day, must lie one’s faith, hope, wisdom and knowledge. 

In this life, a variety of tangible and intangible happenings, as well as certain elements, tenets, factors, virtues, styles, behaviours, acts, deeds, covenants, agreements, blessings, favour, disfavour, and the likes do activate their potentials and graces to influence the attractiveness of purpose as allocated to people, families, organisations, nations and things. 

And above all other efforts and prayers, the vvoiceless but audacious consequences of the actions of a man’s disobedience, disrespect, non-compliance, and even contempt, scorn, ridicule on the working and applicability of such things as in some objects, tokens, acts, actions, covenants, agreements, practices, sacrifices, and some levels of greatness, anointings, prowess, grace and offerings on the sustenance, prosperity, purpose, and existence of people and their things, do have an impact, actions and reactions, effects as well as responses, consequences and/or blessings upon people and their families. 

Divine and human instructions for offering first fruits, tithing, pledges as well as giving, serving within servanthood in humility, and paying loyalty and respect, among others, are among  secrets, securities and protocols in life that speak for many individuals in both concrete and abstract ways and forms. And, these must be watched and guided. Do you know why?

We all know that people can benefit from the blessings, grace, strength resources, and financial and non-financial earnings that come from hard-to-smart job methods. However, any employment that comes with a spiritual endowment, entitlements, and clearance removes problems, irritation, and uncertainty. For this reason, the Bible says:

According to Proverbs 24:3–4, “Wisdom builds a house, understanding establishes it, and knowledge fills the chambers with all precious and delightful things.” Therefore, a Christian must seek the proper application of God’s wisdom and power in the Holy Ghost whenever they desire to live a life free of struggle, full of grace, favour, fruitfulness, prosperity, peace of mind, successes, establishments, and victory over their enemies, foes, and adversaries.

And for those aiming for material  and non-material wealth, work, initiatives, occupations, anointings, prowess and energies of all kinds, must be properly and purposefully trained and directed into spiritual and earthly  strategies and pursuits to ensure that the guidelines for obtaining the blessings in 2 Corinthians 9:8, Deuteronomy 8:18, and Proverbs 22:17 are followed and attained sweat less. 

And this is where one needs the Supernatural and Divinity to engage amd interact with the plans and efforts of humanity. The Bible states that the Holy Spirit to help man, makes use of his authority and dimensional powers in the following ways in His manifesed forms:

1. The water

2. The wind

3. The fire

And, these three crucial elements are  required in conformation with one’s obedience, submission, discernment, personality, attributes, natures, characters, and knowledge and power of grace in order for the purest display of his power and might to flow by:

1. Understanding of God’s Word (doctrine)

2. Anointing (divine grace and favour)

3. Having a spirit-filled attitude, intuition, intelligence and behaviour, and so on.

Therefore, certain processes that facilitate, stabilise and promote the growth and establishments of divine grace and favour is always needed to be complied with when serving God and Man, engaging in divine service, or participating in the servanthood of divine grace through the virtues of patience, endurance, and time (Ecclesiastes 9:11) can make one seem foolish, depressed, and ignorant, but in the end, the wisdom and power of heaven will show the manifested might of Jesus Christ as well as the righteousness of God even one’s submission, respect, yielding, obedience, compliance and discipleship.

At this point, any truthfully sincere, prayerful, loving and honest believer can state the following: 

1. I know my God, and I can hear God’s voice and even the word of the LORD’S Commandments.

2. I am aware of where I came from, who and what I am, and am familiar with the make-up and characteristics of my upbringing and background.

3. I try hard to be careful and avoid acting foolishly in my relationships, interactions, and marriage—just like other people do—and also, I try to exhibit proper behavior, integrity and character at all times. 

4. And because of the transformative power of Jesus Christ, I am able to serve God by His grace and grow graciously by his word in order to continue serving as an example and good template to families, tribes, languages, peoples, and nations, and so on for their mentorship, development and training.

Interestingly, I cannot forget that I was guided to understand many things about divinity, in addition to the seven natures of God; namely the natures of:

1. Holiness, 

2. Monotheism, 

3. Trinity, 

4. Omnipotence, 

5. Omnipresence, 

6. Omniscience and 

7. Omnibenevolence (sourced from Google)

There are additional natures though which I learned from my upbringing, including the revelation that God is also:

8. The Alpha and the Omega

9. The Master, LORD of Lords, and KING of kings.

10. The WORD

11. Yahweh

12. Jehovah, the Creator God

However, Scriptures are educational regarding divine discoveries and information about the natures of God that focuses, determine and concentrate on the knowledge that heavenly facilitations ensure easy, gracious, blessed and highly favoured enablements and earthly achievements. Through these, I discovered that there are a variety of elements that influence the attractiveness of divine, supernatural and human purposes in the realms, territories and lives of the redeemed persons. And these are as follows:

1. Choices, Decisions and Deeds 

2. Settings, Actions and Reactions 

3. Situation, Influence and Affluence 

4. Lifestyle, Marriage and Associations 

5. Discipline, Maturity and Order

6. Self-examination and Retrospection 

7. Faith, Hope, Love and Prayer 

8. Knowledge, Wisdom and understanding 

9. Will-Power, Strength and Fortitude 

10. Affection, Behaviour and Attitude 

11. Mentality, Sensitivity and Clarity of Thoughts

12. Environment, Health and Well-being, and so on.

John 1:16 Amplified Bible 16 For out of His fullness [the superabundance of His mercy and truth] we have all received grace upon grace [spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, favor upon favor, and gift heaped upon gift]….to be cont’d. Pray!

– Charles Kwamena Ackon 


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